Project SOaR™

An educational outreach program — focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics — that is dedicated to enhancing the performance, success and personal growth of youth.

Celebrate Freedom Foundation’s Project SOaR™ (School/Student Opportunities and Rewards) is an academic outreach program that supports STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in middle and high schools.

Utilizing subject matter experts, the program stimulates career choices by describing positions in the aviation industry.  These experts emphasize the importance of learning critical skills that students will need, and the importance of staying in school and graduating.  Our nation needs young people, well-trained in STEM subjects, to maintain the United States’ technological advantage.  In fact, this technological advantage is essential to ensuring the health of our nation’s industry and America’s freedom.

Project SOaR™ is based at the Metropolitan Airport in Columbia, S.C., where it maintains a hangar for its aviation assets and a motor pool for its many restored military vehicles (wheel and track) that can be deployed across the state and nation.  Using high industrial technology and U.S. military aviation and transportation resources as a platform, the program incorporates a fast-paced curriculum of hands-on activities, experiments and simulations.

SOaR™ targets students identified as educationally and/or economically “at risk” or unmotivated. Using a $10 million helicopter, presentations are delivered that inspire, stimulate and literally “lift off” a student’s attitude and enthusiasm.  These presentations also help students who perform well in the classroom but are looking for career options and guidance.

The program actively involves students in hands-on, real-world learning experiences that:

  • Changes their perception that the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is difficult and boring
  • Motivates them to become more interested, knowledgeable, and skilled in these content areas
  • Inspires them to become aware of the need to set personal goals to achieve success
  • Instills in them a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance and advantage of working collaboratively with others to solve problems
  • Makes them recognize the importance of remaining in school and graduating
  • Stimulates their interest in the technology, trades and engineering fields that are essential to providing the workforce of the future and
  • Encourages them establish stronger relationships with educators, influencer, community leaders, parents, and policy makers