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Sponsorships & Partners

Current sponsor and partner engagement for the Celebrate Freedom Foundation (CFF) has been focused primarily on the K-12 S.T.E.M. Education outreach Program, SOaR™ (Student Outreach & Recruitment).  SOaR™ emphasizes the necessity and value of S.T.E.M subjects to our youth and future pioneers.  It connects the classroom with real world jobs and career fields, and is delivered by our very own US Veteran instructors.  S.T.E.M. subjects provide skills and competencies greatly needed here in SC, the southeast U.S. and across the nation and globe.  Workforce development is critical to support the growing needs in manufacturing, with an emphasis on aerospace and automotive.  SOaR™ brings tremendous excitement by flying and driving military aircraft and vehicles to schools, which are used as training aids, accompanied by our veteran subject matter experts, in a multitude of careers fields.

Sponsorships Opportunities

Sponsorships opportunities support the foundations expanding initiatives to grow the core mission in K-12 S.T.E.M education and outreach.  CFF has begun a capital campaign to fund program enhancements and the development of a new S.T.E.M Education Center, creating new sponsor branded opportunities.  New opportunities include: hosting student and civic groups, higher education programs, specialized training and certification programs, and a new home from which to deploy the CFF flagship SOaR™ S.T.E.M K-12 outreach program across the region.  Strategically located on the Columbia Metropolitan Airport in the capital City of Columbia with over 1 million passersby per year.

  • 10,000+ students, teachers, parents, & community leaders participate annually Sponsor engagement:  volunteer, showcase product & job opportunities

  • One of only 12 programs fully endorsed by the Department of Defense in over 3,000 eligible high schools in all 50 states
  • Sponsor Engagement:  Sponsor branding on certificate of award, recognition & engagement on a local and nation level

  • Facility – external branding on building
  • Student Classrooms & learning laboratories
  • Sponsor equipment – Training aids

  • Aircraft Memorial dedications
    • Captain “Kimberly” – Kimberly Hampton
  • Ally of Freedom

Value added for all sponsor involvement:

  • Products & Services Showcase
  • Military, Veteran, & Student Group Engagement
  • Branding: Social Media & Website
  • Press Release(s)


Our Current Sponsors

Below is a partial list of our current sponsors. Also included are education institutions (K-12): Public & Private Schools, Federal Title 1 Schools, Home School network, and Parochial Schools. Thank you to all our sponsors!